Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Mass on Sunday

Please join us for mass on Sunday at 10am. 
St Valentine Faith Community
2301 E Sunset, Ste. 18
Las Vegas, NV  89014
All Are Welcome!

Author Sue Provost Interview: "Where Is God in Your Life?: Three Retreats in Christian Spirituality"

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MEET OUR STAFF: The Most Rev. Susan M. Provost, Diocesan Bishop

The Most Rev. Susan M. Provost was ordained a priest in the National Catholic Church of North America (TNCCNA) on January 22, 2011 and currently serves as the Diocesan Bishop and on the Board of St. Valentine Faith Community (SVFC). She was consecrated a Bishop on September 26, 2015. Through Sophia Divinity School, she became a Doctor of Divinity.  

She is also a published author! Her books are called God Blog Meditations: Twenty Weeks of Walking with Jesus and Where Is God in Your Life?: Three Retreats in Christian Spirituality. Both books are available in printed and Amazon Kindle formats. In the video to the right, Bishop Susan is interviewed by Kim Tomsic about her first published book.  

Amazon says Bishop Susan "is a Spiritual Director and has a Masters of Arts Degree in Spiritual Formation and Leadership from Regis University in Denver Colorado. She is a teacher of religious education and spirituality for both children and adults. She also gives workshops called 'nourishing your soul' to local women's groups in her area."  

Susan is on the Board of Directors for The Friends of Haiti, Inc., a charity founded to assist the relief efforts in Haiti. She is also a certified Spiritual Director and trained hospital Chaplain.  

Bishop Sue can be reached at [email protected]

MEET OUR STAFF: Father James P. Morgan, Pastor

Father James P. Morgan was ordained in the American Catholic Church in Nevada through the Catholic Apostolic Church on April 5, 2008. Father James was incardinated into TNCCNA on September 22, 2013 and serves as Pastor of SVFC in the Diocese of Christ the King. In addition, he provides spiritual care and comfort as a Chaplain at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas. On October 9, 2014 Father James married his partner, Robert Nocon, becoming one of the first gay couples to be legally married in Nevada.  

He writes, "It was a strange road that brought me to SVFC. As a 'cradle catholic,' I have always had a strong connection to the catholic faith tradition. I have always had a calling to ordained ministry, but I did not understand how I would be able to answer that call in the Roman system, knowing who I was and understanding who I was going to become. A new world was opened to me when I was introduced to the independent catholic movement.After a long period of discernment I came to understand that my calling was for ministry outside of Rome.  

"I was now exposed to a whole new world of faith and spirit and love that I had never known before. This was a community in which diversity was celebrated, but we were all united in Christ. I learned that our unity is a gift of God who holds us together in the midst of diverse opinions, varieties of languages, and a multitude of unique experiences. Let no one mistake the Spirit's variety of gifts in our midst for any lack of common commitment to God. Here I can whole-heartedly answer my call and be true to my God.  

"We live in a world that is filled with injustice, racism, hate crimes, hungry children, warfare, poverty, confusion over issues of sexuality, disease, and violence. Even so, we still are called to bear witness to a God who 'so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life.' I am committed to keeping focused upon the mission of revealing Christ to this world, a world which God loves."  

Father James can be reached at [email protected]

MEET OUR STAFF: Reverend Linda Pilato, Associate Pastor & Teacher

Reverend Linda Pilato has spent her whole life seeking to know God better. She enjoys reading, not only about God but of the faithful who serve God. 

She says, "I want to get back the childlike belief I had when I was young and communed with God. God was ever present with me on my walk to school. As a young adult I felt he left me because everything did not go 'right'. I now realize I was the one who left. I am getting closer to the level of faithfulness I had; so now when things don't go 'right', I know God is there to get me through it." This journey continues at SVFC, where she teaches classes for those preparing for the sacraments. Read more at  

Reverend Linda can be reached at [email protected]

MEET OUR STAFF: Mr. Joseph Provost, Business Manager

Joe has a master's degree in business and has a successful business career. He wants to use the business talent he was given to help those in need. Haiti has become his focus after having gone there with an organization he founded called The Friends of Haiti, Inc., an IRS-authorized 501(c)(3) charity.

This organization provides scholarships to needy Haitian students who are studying to become doctors and nurses. Joe saw that much more needed to be done to help the Haitians. He wants to actively participate in helping them.

Joe can be reached at [email protected]